In May of 1718, Blackbeard entered the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina, onboard Queen Anne’s Revenge, and blockaded merchant ships as they were attempting to leave or enter the port. Blackbeard and his crew stole King George’s apple cider from a Ship that was attempting to leave the harbor to Great Britain. The King’s apple cider was mixed in mass amounts with spirits allowing the crew to party and create mayhem in Charleston, thus the mystical King Apple Moonshine was created. After some time hostages were released, and the legend of the King Apple Moonshine reached the steps of local Charleston pubs, but was unfortunately lost over time.

Almost 300 years later, in March of 2012, a local Charleston Esquire (lawyer), and entrepreneur stumbled across Blackbeard’s secret King Apple Moonshine recipe. Blackbeard’s crowned “King” spirit would be recreated for the masses to enjoy by the local Esquire, and King and Esquire (KandE) Vodka was born.